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Sutcliffe Vineyards 2009 Merlot

By Jacob Harkins | Local Winos magazine editor

This Merlot is a good indication of the style of wine Sutcliffe Vineyards winemaker Joe Buckel is shooting for. Sure, it’s fruit driven. It kind of has to be to some respect in Colorado, where high summertime temperatures ratchet up the sugar in our grapes. But there’s a solid attempt at producing a wine with structure and acidic backbone that can age and pair well with a variety of dinner time flavors.

The 2009 offering is a strong wine in terms of quality. It has tantalizing rich stone fruit, with plum-like aromas that were cooked in a fireplace. Blueberry notes rise to the top of the tastebuds once this wound up red starts to breath a little and the tannins subside.

One word that came to mind while tasting this: Soothing.

Who should drink  this wine: Couples heading to their ski condo this weekend with plans of cooking up some medium rare red meat.

Sutcliffe Vineyards 2009 Merlot
Alcohol by Volume: 14.9 percent
Price: $20
8 points on Local Winos arbitrary rating system

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