Vintage local wine writing pulled
from the Local Winos cellar

Carlson Vineyards 2000 Riesling

By Jacob Harkins | Local Winos Magazine editor

What a treat. Seriously. This Carlson Vineyards 2000 Riesling has held up beautifully over the last dozen years and even impresses a tad more than the Carlson Riesling from 2003 that won “best in the world” bragging rights. Honeycomb flavors serve as the base with a delightful mix of peach and petrol blending throughout. The nose suggests the same, and the color is now a perfect deep gold. It’ll last a little while longer, too.

* This wine was sampled as part of Max Ariza’s Life is Wine seminar, preceding the 21st annual Colorado Mountain Winefest


Carlson Vineyards 2000 Riesling
Price: N/A
92 points on Local Winos’ completely arbitrary rating system

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