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Garrett Estate Cellars 2009 Pheasant Run Red Cabernet Sauvignon

Garrett Estate Cellars 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon

Garrett Estate Cellars Pheasant Run Red 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon.

By Jacob Harkins | Local Winos Media editor

Garrett Estate Cellars is still one of the new kids on the Colorado wine block with its first vintages dating to 2008, and to date, its white wine production has outshone its darker half.

Well, that’s beginning to change, if the 2009 Pheasant Run Red Cabernet is any indication.

Just a hair shy of its third birthday, the wine is already showing some slight oxidation in its coloring (an orange hue mixing with the dark red wine colors of Cabernet). This is not a bad thing more than an excuse to drink the bottles you have kicking around soon rather than stashing it in the cellar.

The nose showcases some blackberry notes mixing with a touch of a not-unpleasant soap burst. In the mouth, acids kick in strong, suggesting a lamb dish might be in order to maximize the flavors. After a second in the mouth, a surprising sweet and tart blueberry flavor kicks in, mixing with some strawberry tastes. The result is a light and easy-going Cabernet.

I still think the whites, as a whole, are stronger, but it’s nice to see the bigger whites of GEC catching up.


Garrett Estate Cellars 2009 Pheasant Run Red Cabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol: 14.5
Price: $16
82 points on Local Winos’ completely arbitrary rating system

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