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The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey 2011 Wild Cañon Harvest

By Jacob Harkins | Local Winos Magazine editor

There are serious wines and not-so-serious wines. Then there are wines that are simply seriously cool in concept. The annual Wild Cañon Harvest blush rosé from The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey is one that falls into that latter category.

It’s a blend, in any given year, of 15-30 grapes grown in the backyards of those who call Cañon City home. There might be Concord, Syrah, Norton or just about anything else you can imagine in the release each year.

It’s a community wine, with the neighbors Holy Cross Abbey contributing the grapes and winemaker Matt Cookson turning it into a sweet, blush-style rosé.

It offers wafts of Welch’s, showcasing an ample inclusion of sugar and likely a heavy dose of Concord grapes. Then there are several hard-to-place smells that are indicative of 20 some-odd grapes (many that you’ve never drank before) all blended together.

It’s sweet and unique on the palate with flavors more akin to a strawberry punch than a crisp Tavel rosé. Is the wine itself serious? Nope, but how cool is it that dozens of Cañon City area residents contributed the grapes to this release?

The 2012 Wild Cañon Harvest featuring 28 grapes will be released in mid-November. 


The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey 2011 Wild Cañon Harvest
Colorado table wine
Price: $12 (sold out; 2012 due out mid November)
NR on Local Winos’ completely arbitrary rating system

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