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The Basics of Colorado Wine

There are a million and one rules, terms, and definitions that can make learning about wine less pleasurable than chugging Carlo Rossi. Piedmont, AOCs, Châteauneuf de Pape, DOCGs, tannins, icewines, noble grapes, hybrids … the list of potential knowledge stretches longer than a European wine cave. It’s enough to make you want to drink your [...]

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The white wine grapes of Colorado

There are many wine drinkers out there who simply say to the hell with whites, red wines make better drinking. While we are never going to argue personal palate, it’s safe to say that there are fantastic white wines out there — some with more body than a red. Colorado in particular is doing a [...]

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The red wine grapes of Colorado

Not all reds are created equal, at least in terms of where they can grow. Colorado has distinct growing regions that are great for some, good for others and impossible for a few. Many of the varietals that do well here are traditional blending grapes, but fear not, they each do fantastic on their own. [...]

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American Viticulture Area basics

American Viticulture Areas are the most finite geographic designations U.S. wine labels showcase outside of the actual town a vineyard is located. Regulated by government, AVAs are simply an area classification system and have no bearing on whether the region can or will produce good wine. Commonly referred to as Appellations, AVAs aren’t difficult to [...]

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