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Category: "Terms"

Using Alfred Eames and Infinite Monkey to Define Old and New

Ben Parsons of Infinite Monkey Theorem winery produces fine, New World style wines. His Colorado counterpart, Alfred Eames, (estate pictured below) makes his vino like an Old World vintner. If you’ve hung around a wine geek long enough, it’s a safe bet he or she has told you the wine in your glass was made [...]

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Wine tasting terms: Tannic

It’s the astringent, sometimes bitter, feeling of wine when every bit of moisture is sucked out. Air and aging can changes this profile greatly, which is why tannins are considered by many to be a good attribute to have in a bold red. As a big, tannic red ages, the tannins will combine with proteins [...]

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Defining a locapour

Foodies have their cool term for eating local (locavore, the 2007 word of the year, according to Oxford), meaning winos deserve one too. Recently, the word locapour has started to gain some traction. The general meaning being you drink the vino of the region (set a radius that makes sense for you). The idea being [...]

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