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Category: "Basics"

A brief history of Colorado wine and a vintage 1998 Cabernet Franc

For a dash of Colorado wine history, it takes little more than a trip to Doug Caskey’s cellar (which should be noted is an actual dirt floor, back bending cellar) in Boulder.

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It’s a mead thing: A primer to Colorado honey wine

Mead is wine. And it isn’t. By technical definition, it fits into the vino category (as in its fermented sugar), and the state’s growing number of meaderies fall under the control of the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board.

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Real men drink pink: A primer to rosés

Pink wine should be your wine of the summer. Or at least be part of your afternoon on the patio rotation. Don’t scoff at it just because of its coloring — a good rosé is far from the Sutter Home White Zinfandel that should be forbidden from restaurant wine lists. Just like every other style [...]

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The basics of AVA hierarchy

While most stateside wine labeling rules are meant to clarify, and not necessarily define quality, the American Viticulture Area hierarchy is the closest thing to quality notation you

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Understanding the grapes you (may) be drinking

The U.S. isn’t as strict as European Union countries (thankfully) when it comes to making wine bottle designations. You want Bordeaux on your label, you better grow the proper grapes in the proper French region, harvest on a Tuesday when the wind is blowing at 15 knots* and follow a laundry list of other rules [...]

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