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Category: "Dessert Wine"

Desert Moon Vineyards 2009 Shiver

Here’s the deal. Usually, when a wine is done in a short-cut style of a tradition, it’s not as good. Carbonated sparkling wine compared to the stuff done in Champagne method, for example. So it was with a little apprehension that I tasted the Shiver from Desert Moon Vineyards in Centennial.

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Snowy Peaks 2008 Orange Muscat

The family of grapes that is Muscat is considered to be the oldest domesticated grape varietal. That conclusion comes from its incredible diversity of styles grown all over the world. It’s a truly diverse and surprising grape, regardless of form, and Colorado is certainly getting to know it pretty well. The Muscats lend themselves to [...]

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Varaison Vineyards 2006 Creme Brulee Chardonnay

The first clue is a simple visual. It is amber almost as if it has been oxidized a little or aged for decades. That is is not to say it is flawed. It is just not really a chardonnay even if it is, in fact, a 100 percent chardonnay. Varaison Vineyards winemaker Ron West set [...]

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